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MUHBOMM - Illness and Revenge

I have a habit that has begun the steady march toward a tradition. When I am hurt, sick, and trapped at home I play Plauge Inc. If you are not familiar with Nedemic Creations little pandemic builder let me be the first to introduce you.

In this crafty mobile game you are a force of nature. A guiding hand that helps an disease travel the world, mutating and growing, until you are virulent and lethal enough to wipe out the entire human population. There are different ways to accomplish this. First you will need to decide what kind of pathogen you wish to be. You could guide bacteria, viruses, parasites, or more exotic creatures such as nano machines and bio-weapons. Then you choose your starting point on earth. Some times it is best to start in the third world where populations are dense and healthcare is primitive. The first world is dangerous as the various world health organizations will come after you. But the access to planes and other forms of travel help you spread across the globe faster. After you begin it is a game of making wise choices about how your plague adapts. In many scenarios its best to focus on spreading out before mutating into a truly deadly disease. The less lethal the plague is the less the medical community comes after you. And if you spread everywhere and then become deadly you'll have a good shot at killing the people that could make a cure against you.

So why is this game about wiping out the whole of human existence my go to sick day game? Because it is way more fun to be sick if you imagine that your not just down with a cold. No it's more fun to pretend you are the patient zero of a worldwide super bug that will end it all. Better to have Captain Trips then the sniffles.