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The Haunted Oaks

I had the pleasure of sending our short “Meat the Family” to The Haunted Oaks Film.

It was shown with some terrific films at the historic Oaks Theater in Oakmont, PA just outside of Pittsburgh.


I had the pleasure of seeing two of my favorite people tie the knot this weekend. Glad to be part of it!

A Fine Oration

So I’ve “married” two people now. That is a thing I have done. And it was great! And they are two wonderful, happy, amazing people. It made my job so much easier to let them exchange their beautiful vows as it trumped anything I could have said. A wonderful and amazing day.

2017 Pittsburgh Horror 48 Hour Film Project

We are getting close to being old pros at this. Gaff Tape & a Prayer has made eight 48 hour film projects now. And even with all our other works and contributions the 48s are still special. For us they are like holidays. A chance to dump the weight of the world for a weekend and just make something.


This year’s Halloween edition we had a blast thinking smaller and thighter. We drafted the genre choices of ghost movie or insanity/asylum. The prompt was a s follows: Character, Joe or Jodi Macintosh (writer); Prop, a Lamp; Line, “Sometimes it’s a struggle.” From there we made an effort to be a single location and be more static in our shots.

 In end we made a pleasantly unsettling home invasion and murder. It was simple and clean. And for once we had time to polish it to a fabulous shine. Our audio work and post production VFX came out splendidly. And our audience agreed as we earned Best Sound Design during the judging.

I hope you enjoy,

“Between the Lines.”

I Have New Camera

I finally replaced my Sony α100. I loved my DSLR and it got me through my training at the New York Institutyof Photography. But about 4 years ago the auto focus motor broke and I never found a good way to fix it or afford replacing it. But I have a great scheme that requires it so thanks to better credit here we are. It’s a new Sony α68 SLT. It fits all my old lens and I got some new kit for it too. These are some pics from my first shoot.

2017 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project

We had another enjoyable stress festival of making a movie in 48 hours. This year the draw was action adventure or slapstick. We took those assigned genres and just mushed them together. Then spice with the required elements; Hunter or Harper Drakely, health inspector; a die or dice as a prop; and the line “Did you read my tweet?” Add that together and we end up with our take on a bad day for a super villain... THE SAFEST GAME

We had a blast making it and are pretty proud of it.  And the judges liked it too. We won four prizes for it. Best use of Character, Best use of Dialogue, Best Costuming, And Best Makeup. 


Other Adventures in Orlando

At the end of the Star Wars Celebration my friends and I ran around catching some other sights. We had a fun trip through Medieval Times’s feast and tournament. Also a whirlwind one day trip through Universal Studios. And on our last day we relaxed out at Disney Springs.

Ups: Harry Potter was so immersive, Hulk is an amazing coaster, Glad I got to see Disney Quest before it’s removed

Downs: Those 3D movie ride hybrids are not my cup of tea, Hit almost everything in Universal just missing Transformers, I only got to see Disney Quest as the ghost town it is right before it closes

Star Wars Celebration

So to cap off my exciting round of trips I headed back to Florida. It was time for the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy.


Boston and PAX East 2017

I had a great time hanging out my annual pilgrimage to Boston. This year there was a highlight of CosPlaying as McCree from Overwatch in his American costume. My buddy was dudded up as RoadHog, and we walked the floor for the better part of an hour with a whole crew. Also when not taking in PAX playing with my shiny new Nintendo Switch. Zelda Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch sword fighting ruled the day.

Pros: Great show every time, Breath of the Wild

Cons: COLD very cold, my costume did not survive much more than 2 hours of con time

Disney Odyssey

My first trip adventure of the year was to the golden land of Orlando. So I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was 6. I was surprised how many memories of the magic kingdom had stuck when I saw things through an adult’s eyes. It was also amazing to see all things I never saw. When I was there as a child it was the month MGM Studios opened (my mom cleverly seeing the opportunity to avoid crowds in the magic kingdom.) So I have never experienced Epcot (though I loved it from afar,) Hollywood Studios, not the Animal Kingdom. And I had my Best friend along the journey the whole time and his lovely wife on Magic Kingdom day. It was a blast and a treasured cache of memories.

Pros: Wow Disney is amazing, Disney Springs is so pleasant, Everest is a great coaster, Epcot and all the Worlds Fair vibes made me feel great, finally getting to ride Star Tours

Cons: Animal Kingdom was over a bit to soon maybe Avatar will expand it to a full day park, heavy rain drenched us on Magic Kingdom day, Star Wars Land wasn’t opened yet