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2017 Pittsburgh Horror 48 Hour Film Project

We are getting close to being old pros at this. Gaff Tape & a Prayer has made eight 48 hour film projects now. And even with all our other works and contributions the 48s are still special. For us they are like holidays. A chance to dump the weight of the world for a weekend and just make something.


This year’s Halloween edition we had a blast thinking smaller and thighter. We drafted the genre choices of ghost movie or insanity/asylum. The prompt was a s follows: Character, Joe or Jodi Macintosh (writer); Prop, a Lamp; Line, “Sometimes it’s a struggle.” From there we made an effort to be a single location and be more static in our shots.

 In end we made a pleasantly unsettling home invasion and murder. It was simple and clean. And for once we had time to polish it to a fabulous shine. Our audio work and post production VFX came out splendidly. And our audience agreed as we earned Best Sound Design during the judging.

I hope you enjoy,

“Between the Lines.”