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A Galaxy of Joy

I had the great pleasure of traveling out to Chicago for Star Wars Celebration 2019. This is my second celebration and I somehow had even more fun than in Orlando. There is just something heartwarming about finding one of your tribes. A group of people you have a kinship with. And these Star Wars fans are welcoming and wonderful.

I’m excited for the new branches of the galaxy far, far away. The Mandalorian seems to be right in the vein of the Star Wars novels, games, and comics I grew up on back in the mid-90s.

My soul got such a charge out of the whole five days. I met some fantastic people. Hung out all weekend with a great friend and co-pilot. And had once in a life time opportunities that will have a lasting effect on my life.

Glad to be part of this family, and veey excited to do all again in Anaheim in 2020!

”I’m home.” 

”I’m home.”