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Other Adventures in Orlando

At the end of the Star Wars Celebration my friends and I ran around catching some other sights. We had a fun trip through Medieval Times’s feast and tournament. Also a whirlwind one day trip through Universal Studios. And on our last day we relaxed out at Disney Springs.

Ups: Harry Potter was so immersive, Hulk is an amazing coaster, Glad I got to see Disney Quest before it’s removed

Downs: Those 3D movie ride hybrids are not my cup of tea, Hit almost everything in Universal just missing Transformers, I only got to see Disney Quest as the ghost town it is right before it closes

Star Wars Celebration

So to cap off my exciting round of trips I headed back to Florida. It was time for the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy.


Disney Odyssey

My first trip adventure of the year was to the golden land of Orlando. So I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was 6. I was surprised how many memories of the magic kingdom had stuck when I saw things through an adult’s eyes. It was also amazing to see all things I never saw. When I was there as a child it was the month MGM Studios opened (my mom cleverly seeing the opportunity to avoid crowds in the magic kingdom.) So I have never experienced Epcot (though I loved it from afar,) Hollywood Studios, not the Animal Kingdom. And I had my Best friend along the journey the whole time and his lovely wife on Magic Kingdom day. It was a blast and a treasured cache of memories.

Pros: Wow Disney is amazing, Disney Springs is so pleasant, Everest is a great coaster, Epcot and all the Worlds Fair vibes made me feel great, finally getting to ride Star Tours

Cons: Animal Kingdom was over a bit to soon maybe Avatar will expand it to a full day park, heavy rain drenched us on Magic Kingdom day, Star Wars Land wasn’t opened yet